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Event Date
03/07/2017 09:00:00 - 29/07/2017 18:00:00
Regitration Date
01/06/2017 00:00:00 - 25/06/2017 23:59:59
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Summer Camp

This is a camp for neural rewiring in a natural setting with guide of international experts from all over the World. This camp will include Special Education Teachers, Psychologist, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapsits, Floortime Players for a comprehensive and intensive therapeutic experience.

Most of experst are trained on Sensory Integration, DIR/Floortime, NDT/Neurodevelopmental Treatment, Therapeutic Listening, SOS for Feeding Disorders, ABA, Pediatric Massage and Qigong Sensory Trainning.

The camp designed for providing sensory integration based occupational and physical therapy for a better regulation, attention, body awareness, postural control and motor planing abilities, DIR/Floortime for regulation, engaging, two way comminacation, problem solving and more, Therapeutic Listening for regulation, SOS fo a better eating repertoire, ABA for improving cognitive level and pediatric & Qigong Sensory Training for regulation in a natural and social setting .


Every child will have a player/therapist that just guding him/her and all therapists/players will take supervision from international experts for every single child.

Camp will be every week days(Monday-Friday) in July(4 weeks)  and with two groups(Morning and afternoon groups). Parents can prefer full day for their kids. The camp will start 9:00 am in the morning and  finish 12:30 pm for morning group and will start at 2:00 pm , finish 5:30 pm for afternoon group.

Transfer and hotel does not provided  for that camp but for international guests a special transfer and hotel accodomation can be provided by our organization.



The camp is for kids with:

*Autism Spectrum Disorders

*Sensory processing disorders



*Anxiety Disorders

* And other sensory, motor, emotional and cognitive difficulities.


Sense On Summer Camp will provide:

*Sensory Integration

*DIR/Floortime in a social situation


*Therapeutic Listening


*ABA coaching

*Pediatric Massage

*Qigong Sensory Training


Based interventions.




Who will be responsible to help our kids for reaching their potetntial in that intevsive therapeutic natural setting?

*Occupational Therapists


*Speech and Language Therapists


*Floortime Players

*Special Education Teachers/Master of Special Education


Will provide intensive intervention for all kids.


What is the plan and the goal of the program?

1.Program designed to help children and their families for being more functional and succesful in their daily life.

2.Program will provide lectures for families for helping them understand their children better. The lectures will include sensory integration, DIR Model and Behavioral perspectives.

3.Our Psychologist team will provide counselling for each parent.

4.Before the camp we will provide a comprehensive assesment documents which will be interpretted for a individual programming.

5.The program will be designed individually for every single kid by our master therapists and will be followed every day.

6.Camp area is designed for providing sensory rich enviroment and encourage social interaction between children. Camping area has climbing, balancing, hiding, jumping, calming/regulating, exploring areas and more.

7. Every day every family will be briefly informed about the progres by the therapists.


After our intensive program  children will be more powerful as an individual



Camp Program Will Provide

*Indivialized Pediatric Massage

*Tactile Experience Stations

*Movement Stations

*Discovery Stations

*Strengthening Stations

*Social Collobration Stations

*Oral-Motor Experience Stations

*Calming Stations