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Event Date
20/04/2018 09:00:00 - 22/04/2018 18:00:00
Regitration Date
01/04/2018 00:00:00 - 18/04/2018 23:59:59
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Assesment of Sensory Pathopyhsiology in Cerebral Palsy

Individuals with cerebral palsy are inadequate in motor skills due to damage to the immature brain during prenatal, postnatal, and postnatal periods. These motor problems can be caused by reasons such as spasticity, contracture, weak muscle strength, weak motor control and motion repertoire. Sense integration disorders may be due to motor difficulties present in individuals with SP as well as independent from these.
Scales developed to evaluate sensory integration function were organized according to individuals with minor neurological problems. Adapted assessment methods and scales are needed to assess sensory integration functions in individuals with major motor neurological disorder-induced motor difficulties.
It is aimed that participants will learn the use of adapted observation, clinical evaluation and standardized testing according to this population at the point of evaluation of these training sensory integration functions in individuals with SP.
Participants will gain the ability to assess sensory problems while using gross and fine motor evaluation scales used in individuals with major neurological problems, as well as to adapt the sensory evaluation scales used in minor neurological problems to this population. It is also one of the learning objectives of the course to learn a scale that is adapted by the instructor to this population.
Course Learning Objectives:
Evaluation of homeostasis
Determination of the level of arousal
Assessment of emotional state
Evaluation of sensory reactivity problems
Assessment of sensory perception
Evaluation of praxis skills
Interpretation of evaluation results
NOTE: Materials to be used in evaluations will be provided free of charge by the organization.
Instructor: Dr. Aymen BALIKCI, Physiotherapist & Physiologist
Course Schedule:
1. day
9.00-10.30: Methods of Evaluation; Qualitative and Quantitative & Direct and Indirect
10.30-10.45: Break
10.45-12.30: Evaluation of Homeostasis: Evaluation of interoception, Assessment of Sleep, Evaluation of Arousal
12.30-14.00: Lunch Break
14.00-15.30: Evaluation of Emotional State: Evaluation of Attachment and Co-regulation, Evaluation of Functional Emotional Development Level, Evaluation of Negative Emotional Experiences (Traumatic experience) Break
15.45-17.00: Evaluation of Sensory Reactivity
2. day
9.00-10.30: Evaluation of Sensory Perception
10.30-10.45: Break
10.45-12.30: Evaluation of Praxis Skills
12.30-14.00: Lunch Break
14.00-15.30: Evaluation of gross motor skills
15.30-15.45: Break
15.45-17.30: Interpretation of evaluation data
3. day
9.00-10.30: Evaluation of the first child
10.30-10.45: Break
10.45-12.30: Interpretation of the first case, questions and answers
12.30-14.00: Lunch Break
14.00-15.30: Evaluation of the second child
15.30-15.45: Break
15.45-17.30: Interpretation of the second child, questions and answers
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