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Event Date
26/01/2018 09:00:00 - 28/01/2018 18:00:00
Regitration Date
06/11/2017 00:00:00 - 08/01/2018 23:59:59
$ Event Price
1500 TL

Sensory Integration strategies For Cerebral Palsy

Recent researches showed that most of kids with cerebral palsy  has sensory processing problems that effecst their motor abilities and most of researchers strongly suggested to add sensory based interventions for that population of kids. Sensory integration theory based intervention can be adapted for kids with cerebral palsy and trained professionals can improve these childrens functional abilities by plasticity principles. Sensory integration trainings alone are not enough for implementing that theoretical and practical principles to CP population and these workshop will give you more freedom for implementing sensory integration strategies for that population.