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Sense On Ayres Sensory Integration Certificate Courses

I feel lucky because i have had the opportunity to attend CLASI Ayres Sensory Integration Certificate courses orgnised by Sense On. I am a PT for 14 years and after that courses i feel more powerful while treating my kids and i learned alot about how i can improve motor functions by sensory integration based strategies. Thanks to Aymen Balıkçı and to our lecturers. İbrahim ÖZ, PT

Aden Ayaz

We would like to thank to Mr. Aymen Balıkçı and to all Sense On team for supporting us for development of our child Ayaz. They support us with all aspects and we made big changes developmentally, improvements was realy well...    Dilek Masal, Mother

Courses With Sense On

A great opportunity to be a trainee in a course organized by Sense On. The session of the sensory integration was a useful session. The organization is good and the level of lecturers exceeds expectations. Thank you for your management and I look forward to more courses with you in the future.   Physiotherapist Ameera Khalid, Dubai